Driveway & Patio Cleaning

25% Off Quality Driveway & Patio Cleaning 


Most of the enquiries that we receive from towns such as Camberley, Blackwater, Reading and Bracknell are for driveway or patio cleaning. The appearance of your driveway can create an impression of your home so it makes sense to keep it looking at its best at all times.

As with any exterior surface exposed to the elements, it needs to be regularly maintained, as due to our climate, the damp and wet conditions encourage growth such as weeds, moss and algae to rapidly flourish, leaving the driveway looking in the need of some attention.

We are specialists in this field and have invested in high power, custom built, pressure washing equipment. This rotary headed machinery has the ability to effectively deep clean your paving, without causing any damage to the surface.

After pre-treating the surface growth using a high quailty, fungicidal wash, the area will then be thoroughly cleaned, removing the build up of dirt and infestation efficiently and with ease.

Once dry, we would recommend to homeowners throughout Surrey to seal the driveway to provide additional protection and durability. As Smartseal registered installers, we use quality products that are recognised throughout the industry. This sealing process will waterproof the paving; protecting the driveway from UV light, surface wear, staining, algae and other growths. 

To hear more about our driveway cleaning and sealing service, please call us on  07546 079973 or 0800 865 4028 . We cover most parts of Surrey including Camberley, Reading, Blackwater, Sandhurst, Yateley, Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Crowthorne, Bagshot, Bracknell, Wokingham, Guildford, Maidenhead, Ascot and Frimley.