Moss Removal 

Moss Scrape followed by a Softwash application:


  • This is a very modern way of cleaning and cleansing a roof, the work generally takes 2 days depending on the size of a roof. 


  • Highly economical way of removing moss and cleansing the tiles.


  • The moss heads are knocked off and cleared away and then a ‘low pressure’ Softwash solution is applied. This is a Biodegradable Chemical solution that immediately cleans the roof from sludge and moss, not only is there a huge impact immediately but there is also a slow and steady improvement over the next 12 Months. All White & Yellow Lichen, micro Spores and Bacterial growth will be killed off. The hardy white & yellow lichens will completely disappear but will take several months.


  • Ideal for customers looking to remove the moss from their roofs quickly and reasonably cheaply.


  • The advantage of Softwash is that you can have a clean roof for life, when the moss finally starts to grow, or the tiles get darker (approximately 5 to 6 years later), a reapplication of the Softwash can be sprayed lightly over the area at a FRACTION of the original cost. Once again giving you many more years of a Moss Free roof.

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